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I am writing to share my experience thus far working with Steph and Elle. I am a believer in giving credit when credit is due. Steph and Elle deliver!! Our house sold in 10 days (even with a busy location). They were supportive and knowledgeable and helped me feel certain that we were getting the most out of our investment. Included with their service were: a professional home stager who helped us prepare our home beautifully for sale, a professional photo layout brochure, and even connected me to my mortgage broker who has helped me to prepare for my next step in the journey…BUYING WITH STEPH and ELLE! They were considerate of our needs at every step of the way. I highly recommend this dynamic duo to anyone taking this important step in their life! - Cathy Greig

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Selling privately is not all it is cracked up to be!! The advertising by the .com companies to sell your home privately is kind of shady, to say the least. An example of this is, the sales people from these .com companies are not up front with how your mls listing differs from a realtors listing. I can tell you that there is a great difference with your mls listing. The mls listing is an important aspect of the sale of your home, advertising the home poorly can prevent potential buyers from seeing how great home is.  Having the poor mls listing creates more issues than it was worth. That is not the only poorly executed part of the .com company, it started from the sales pitch, to the expense package to be purchased, poor service, the poor mls listing, thus creating more issues than it was actually worth.   Advice for people considering not using a realtor and going with a .com company to sell privately:  Leaving your home on the market for an extended period of time - day after day, month after month, just to try and save a few dollar,s will not pan out in the end. It will result in poor execution of the entire process, creating a more expensive process than you expect. Also, we found once the .com company stigma is put on the sale of the home, going forward with the sale of the home on your own is impossible.   Thanks to Steph and Elle’s business strategies, implementation and execution, this made entire process a great experience. The experience was filled with fun, laughs and of course, the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness. From their strategy of pricing, staging, open houses and other specialized treatment the experience was great!   I would also personally like to thank Sue Kempton for the amazing staging job done!! Incorporated with Sue’s great skill set and all of the other strategies, it is a team that commands excellence, professionalism and quality work !   Thank you again Steph and Elle ! Great teamwork!!!” - Kelly and Steve Bond

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Steph and Elle were very quick to step in and do a fabulous job after we had been let down by another agent. We are really thankful for all the hard work they did, bringing their excellent team members and paying attention to every single detail when selling our home. They were easily approachable and very pleasant to deal with. We would highly recommend them to people who would like to get maximum value for their house! - Viktoria & Elliott Brown

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When Stephanie and Elsbeth sold our home in four days and over our asking price, we considered what stood out the most about their work. The following are some things that immediately came to mind. They were confident, genuine, hard working, and knowledgeable about the current market. The various services they provided were outstanding! Their entire team was competent, friendly, and above all, professional. The day-to-day communications and follow up were exceptional. Our experience was positive in every way, and we were truly impressed by the superior work and attention we received from Stephanie and Elsbeth. We highly recommend them to those seeking top quality realtors. - Sherri-Lynn and Mark Williamson

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